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Award Winning Music Producer and former Champion Turntablist DJ

DJ Keltech aka Lloyd Morgan best known for his Star Wars 'DJ Darth Vader' video that went viral in 2005  which put his name on the map internationally as a turntablist.

Cardiff born DJ Keltech grew up in the 80's listening to Hip Hop and electronic music.
He started making music and DJing in the early 90's releasing drum&bass and Hip Hop on various independent record labels starting with his first vinyl release in 1997 on dutch record label based in Amsterdam.

studio 1997
A photo of his studio in 1997 producing Drum&Bass & Hip Hop
using an Emu esi 32 sampler with 4mb of memory

He started out trying to make it as Drum&Bass DJ locally but found the scene incredibily difficult to break into dispite releasing vinyl with his own produced tracks on them.
At this time he was also making Hip Hop instruments for friend and local rapper Johnny B who he grew up with on the same housing estate.
Local promotor Higher Learning who were at the heart of welsh Hip Hop scene were booking acts for Hip Hop nights, Johnny asked if Keltech wanted to DJ for him seen as he'd produced some of the tracks her was rapping over and they had done some small gigs in the past together as teenagers.
it wasn't long before they were established on the local Welsh Hip Hop scene and playing regular gigs.

In 2002 after about 2-3 years they won the Best Live Hip Hop act at the Welsh Music Awards along with some other awards

welsh music awards

With most of Keltech's skills in mixing he started to brush up on his scratching skills spending hours each day practicing and creating scratch routines.
After a few years he decided to enter the Technics World DMC DJ championships competing against the worlds best scratch DJs. He had been watching this competition since 1987 on vhs tapes when the likes of of UK DJ Cutmaster Swift used to perform.
 In May 2003 he first entered the competition at the Cardiff regional heats but failed to make it past qualifying stage.  His last chance that same year was to enter the Glasgow heats, a week later he drove 8 hours to Scotland where he made it through to the regional final (photographed below).
Over the next few years he went onto compete in 6 regional finals and a national competion which he won. 
DJ World Championships competed at

Glasgow DMC 2003
Glasgow 2003, DJ Keltech performing with judge Cutmaster Swift watching from below

Glasgow 2003 Regional Finalist 
Manchester 2004 Regional Finalist
Cardiff 2004 regional final 3rd Place winner
Bath 2005 regional final 3rd Place winner
Cardiff 2005 regional final 2nd Place winner
in 2005 he won the Welsh Higher Learning DJ Battle coming 1st place

 One of his DJ routines he played in the Bath regional finals he was using the music from The Empire Strikes Back film which went down a storm in the club. Later that week he decided he was going to video the routine so to take it up a notch he bought a cheap Darth Vader custome off ebay and video'd himself remixing the Imperial March music by John Williams (video here). 

This was at a time before youtube was about so the video went onto his own website.  Shortly after uploading the video it started to be shared via emailed and sent around via mobile phones. The video was getting thousands of hits. A company in the US called stupidvideos.com who were the tiktok of their time asked if they could upload the video and feature it.  The video soon went viral all over the world getting millions of hits.  The success of the video soon reached the press, the video was shown live at Comic Con in LA on a massive, then it was featured on the first page of yahoo.com, even starwars.com asked if they could interview him for the website (screenshot
Not only did he get a load of official merchandise sent to him off Lucas Arts he received a signed Christmas card from George Lucas himself!
 To this day 17 years on he still gets comments that video influenced people to start DJing.
It was pretty hard to top that a video and just so happened that Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds movie had just come out. Being a fan of the old musical and being a fan of the Eve of the war track he decided to do a remix this time dressing up as an alien. it was shot in his bedroom with a green screen using a video loop background lifted from the War of the Worlds official website with some practical props infront of the turntables so it looked like a crash site.
The video was instantly popular, he was then contacted by the War of the world's composer Jeff Waynes manager asking if he could do an official remix of the track with got released on Sony records.
a Discography of his releases is at the bottom of this page

Those two video opened up a lot of doors, he was booked at celebrity parties one of which was to launch the new Top Trumps mobile phone game in Trafalgar Square London where he performed his routine in front of Sir Bobby Robson
Sir Bobby


 He also performed live on a Belgian mainstream TV show called "Ca Alors"
dressed as Darth Vader you can watch it

ice t
Supporting ICE T on the Welsh leg of his tour

As side from the DJing Keltech was hard at work in his bedroom studio working on new Hip Hop Instruments for the Keltech and Johhny B album 'The Name' and his scratch album 'Strike Back'

Both albums were pretty sucessful with a bit of luck getting distribution and seeing them in major supermarket shelves for the first time, which was pretty ground breaking for Welsh Hip Hop.
Many of the instrumental tracks and other hiphop beats Keltech had produced were now getting demand to be used on TV shows especially MTV
His music has been featured on many shows.


This was his first glimpse into the world of music for TV and licensing
at this time not only was he DJing,producing music and teaching DJ skills to teenagers at youth clubs he also had a hobby building retro arcade machines. A big fan of the 80's arcade games Keltech loved going to the arcades to play the games as a kid and wanted to recreate that feeling. He built his own arcade machine for the home so he could play those games again. Before he knew it he was making another one to sell and so little business was born, he went onto to make many machines.


The company was so successful it became a full time job and music had to go on the back burner for 10 years.
In 2015 he rebult his music studio and started to study more indepth with the help of youtube how to write music for films and TV
he was using many samples of string instruments and learning about how they work together. He decided to go and watch a local orchestra for the first time, they were performing John Williams and Hans Zimmers tracks from big films.
It was inspiring and blew his mind and re-enforced his dream of making epic sounding music with massive beats over them.
 He borrowed a cello and started to learn with the intention of playing it over his music, it took daily practice and 2.5 years before he was near good enough to record himself on a track he'd made.

This trailer track below he wrote in 2022 sums up all his musical influences and was the type of track he dreamt of making since 2005  it encorprates a massive Hip Hop beat, string instrument samples, electronic sound design and him playing the cello over the top.
for the video he used the star wars trailer from The Force Awakens that fitted fitted perfectly to the tune with hardly any editing, is that fate Star Wars was what opened the doors for him?

keltech cellist
Keltech now plays the cello in a local orchestra and has performed Hans Zimmer and John Williams Pieces in concerts in the past.

He still produced music using old retro synths, with a recent hit release synthwave track called 'Night Raiders' featuring an 80's synth vibe and scratching. The track was featured on New Retronet which as over 1.25 million subs.
He is also scoring a Welsh Feature Horror film thats due to be released in 2023 details

The famous Viral DJ Videos from 2005


More videos

More photos of DJ Keltech battling in the World DMC DJ Championships

world DMC DJ championships Manchester






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DJ Keltech recording music for MTV shows 2007
DJ Keltech Fader Food 12" 2007

DJ Keltech

Strike Back  CD 2006

DJ Keltech

Eve of the war remix on the
World of the War Remix Album ULLAdubULLA II CD

Sony /BMG Records 2006

Keltech&Johnny B  

Dream Weaver EP  12"


Keltech&Johnny B

“The Name” Hip Hop Album  12"

Feb 2004 Pyraplastic


Big Time Single CD

2003 Killing Sheep Records


Rain MP3

2002  New Vision


Film Music

Spring 2002 VHS Keyframe Pictures


Chill Factor  2 CD

Feb 2002 CD subbasement records

Keltech&Johnny b

Rhyme Hungry Hip Hop 12" EP

2001 Rounda  Records

Keltech & Katch

Old Skool Vs Nu Skool 12"

August 2001 12" Critical Records


Human Fighting Machine CD

Album CD Pyraplastic Records


Human Fighting Machine 12"

2000  Pyraplastic Records


World Domination 12" EP

2000  Pyraplastic Records


Sonic foundry siren II jukebox CDROM

software Nov 2000  CD


Forsaken 12"

Sept 2000  Bass Pressure  Records


25 tunes licensed to MTV USA

MTV 2000


Exclusive Breakbeat Sampling CD

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Pyraplastic Breaks(rhyme hungry instrumentals) 12"

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Tinitus 4 Real Album CD

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World Domination Album CD

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Pyraplastic Flow Album CD

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Johnny B & DJ Mogse

"Am I still Hip Hop" Hip Hop Album CD

Dec 1999  Hillians Music


Exhale 12"

August 1999  Symbiosis Records


Carbonised 12"

July 1999 Pyraplastic Records

Keltech + Various

Compilation Skinful vol 3 12"/CD

June 1999 Second Skin Records

Keltech & Ronin

the nu breed 12"

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S.L.G Remixes 12"

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5th Dimension  12"

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terror on the streets 12"

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Computer arts magazine
music to an attik video cover CDROM

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THE MIX cover cd

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Critical Adjustment

the Step Leader album CD

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DJ Mogse&Johnny B

Verstile Style hip-hop album Tape

1994 TAPE Hillians music

DJ Mogse&Johnny B

The Hillians hip-hop album Tape

1993 TAPE Hillians music

DJ Mogse&DJ Steady Jay

The Total Distortion Tape

drum&bass mix tapes 1993 TAPE Pyraplastic




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