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Lloyd in the studio
Lloyd Morgan (aka DJ Keltech) - Award winning Music producer and Champion Turntablist

I started writing music in the 1992 on my Amiga A500 computer before moving to Cubase 2.8 on the pc with an EMU ESI 32 hardware sampler in 1995.
At this time I was writing drum&bass and Hip Hop. I had a few releases on independent labels and DJ spots in a few local Welsh clubs. I was very ambitous and just wanted to be become a well known  DJ. The Drum&Bass scene at the time was quite tough to break into, so I started writing more Hip Hop instrumental music for my friend and rapper Johnny B.  We formed a partnership and before we knew it we were performing live around the UK and releasing music together. At this time I felt I was under a little bit of pressure to perform as a DJ as part of the live show and worked hard on my scratching skills and turntable tricks. 

technics world dmc finalist

Glasgow 2003 Regional Finalist 
Manchester 2004 Regional Finalist
Cardiff 2004 regional final 3rd Place winner
Bath 2005 regional final 3rd Place winner
Cardiff 2005 regional final 2nd Place winner
Welsh Higher Learning DJ Battle Champion Winner

 I started to enter DJ competitions battling other DJ's and entering the world famous Technics World DJ championships.  I ended up getting in the top 3 in many of the competitons until I finally won the Welsh Higher Learning scratch DJ championships.
 These new skills became part of the DJ Keltech and Johnny B live show and we performaed all over the UK.
In 2002 we were nominated for best hip hop act in Wales, best producer and DJ and we won all 3 titles that night.
In 2005 while performing at the Bath final of the World DMC I did a live remix of the Imperial March Music, the crowd went mental so I decided to started videoing my DJ routines at home to put on the internet, The first one was my live remix of the Imperial March but this time dressed as Darth Vader. The video was an instant hit and went viral getting millions of hits watch it below 




It lead to a live performance at a celebrity party in Trafalgar Square London, pictured above, then on a mainstream TV showin Begium. I was also asked to remix the War of the Worlds music for Jeff Wayne which got released on Sony records. That same year I received a christmas card from George Lucas and an interview on the website! It was a whirlwind year I'll never forget!

RTL Studios Brussels

At this time I was getting lots of calls to DJ in places around the world and to support famous rappers that were on tour.
I've supported Ice T, Grand Master Flash and many other famous names in the Hip Hop world with Johnny B.
In 2007 one of the top music publishers Pump Audio/Getty Images contacted me asking if I wanted to put my music in their library for licensing purposes. This lead to my music being used on many big MTV shows and featured in some independent films.



When I wasn't doing gigs or working in a studio I also used to travel around the UK to visit youth clubs teaching young people how to perform tricks and skills on the turntables.


3 x National Welsh Music Awards 2002 winner
for Best Hip Hop DJ, Best Producer and Best live Hip Hop act with Johnny B

welsh music awards

Golden Pixil Award 2003 winner for "Best music video"
Golden Pixil Award 2005 winner
for best "most innovative use of new media" for this video here(War of the Worlds scratch video)  
Thanks to this video Lloyd later did an official remix of Jeff Wayne's music and a released it on Sony records

ice t
Supprting ICE T on the Welsh leg of his tour


world DMC DJ championships Manchester


Being a fan of this 70's TV show I made this music and video staring myself and some friends. It was shot around Cardiff just using a camcorder on a tripod and then edited in adobe premiere when I got home. The budget was about £30 for two costumes and petrol!


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I grew up in the 1980's and loved playing arcade machines down at Barry Island here in Wales. Being a creative person and the type of person that grew up taking things apart to see how they worked, I taught myself how to make an arcade cabinet. The first one I made I sold on Ebay in 2002 and before I knew it I had created a business making custom arcade machines for customers so they could play old games like pacman and space invaders etc. This business suddenly took off,  I was the only one in the UK doing such a unique product.  The business became very succesful, I was nominated twice for the Caerphilly Welsh Business Awards in 2014 and 2016 and made it to the final 3 on the night.

ultimate arcade cabinets

With the success of the business I had to put my music to one side but always kept my studio gear and turntables.
I've been the Managing Director of Ultimate Arcade Cabinets for 15 years.



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