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film TV composer

Retro 80's synth horror music, Sound Designer and audio mix engineer

clip of the Welsh Horror feature film currently in production from Melyn Pictures

Sound design and score by Lloyd Morgan

Giallo Horror short
Scored in a vintage Italian 70's style

giallo music composer

Trailer  rescore

Scoring Examples

action music examples

Westworld Scene Drama Score

from the Task Force J Movie Score

80's scoring John Carpenter style

80's style horror


These albums are released to the Film,Game and TV industry only

Trailer Track Fire released On Elephant Music Publishing
Track recently used on Australian Morning TV

album released on Blue Pearl Creative Publishers
 (part of Elephant music publishing)

Dirty Trailer track released on a new album by Squirky Publishing

Tracks written for Homicide Hunter
Score Keepers Publishing

scoring a film

my Hip Hop productions have been used on the following shows

Synthwave Music Downloads
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