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scratch to the future

Track Produced,mixed and mastered by DJ Keltech (Lloyd Morgan)

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Artist Bio
DJ Keltech 2021

DJ Keltech best known for his DJ skills has released his debut Dark Synthwave single. 
He was responsible for the  Star Wars Viral DJ video from 2005 where he dressed as Darth Vader and remixed the Imperial march music (VIDEO). 
 He was also the guy that officially remixed  of the War of the world's music for composer Jeff Wayne.
(ULLAdubULLA - The Remix Album, Vol. II SONY/BMG)
  His claim to fame is he once has a signed Christmas card off George Lucas after the success of his videos.

 If we are talking all things 80's nostagia Lloyd aka DJ Keltech not only produced his music with vintage hardware synths he builds retro arcade machines for playing those classic 80's games. www.ultimatearcadecabinets.co.uk   

His eclectic background in Hip Hop, turntablism, electronic music and film scoring give him quite a solid foundation for capturing that nostalgic vibe.  His Synthwave music is strongly influenced by composer John Carpenter's bleak atmospheric sound and the music to the Stranger Things series.  
This new track is an example of his cinematic dark synthwave style transporting you to a dreamy world of neon.

Hope you Enjoy  

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