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Viral DJ video's


Scratch Video Archive

DJ Daft Fader Imperial March Remix first recorded in 2005,
first seen on which helped it go viral
to download the video file "right click and save as" and share right click here

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War of the Worlds Remix

Live wedding march remix

Anyone for a cuppa?

Technics DMC championships 2005

Knight Rider Keltech and Johnny B

Freestyle beat juggle

Basic drum scratch

Ca Alors ( Live TV Belgium)

Pacman scratch

Speaking with my hands compilation

Technics 2004 DMC full routine (gets better towards the end)

Anyone for a cuppa?

Freestyle mix

Merry Scratchmas

Plucking Hell
Full Length Music videos

6 Million Dollar Man Remix starring DJ Keltech

music and shot with a tripod video by DJ Keltech

Evacuate Soul

Entertain You Keltech and Johnny B



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Music Made In Wales, UK
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